Here's a surprise your entire family will enjoy. Something to bring you all together in the backyard, boost your playtime and build memories that will last forever!

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Whether you are serious about becoming the next Ninja Warrior, or you would just like to surprise your family with the coolest present ever, the Ultimate Ninja Warrior Backyard Blueprints are exactly what you need to have a complete, super-compact obstacle course in your own backyard. Have a look at the details below.

The Ultimate Ninja Warrior Course Blueprints include:

  • Detailed Course Blueprints for building your very own ninja warrior training course with 10 of the most popular obstacles from the TV show. Our original design packs the following obstacles into an 8x16 foot space: Salmon Ladder, Rope Junction, Rumbling Dice, Devil Steps, Globe Grasps, Pipe Grasps, Cargo Net, Cliff Hanger, Peg Board, and Jumping Bars. Imagine having a full-scale Ninja Warrior training course built in your own backyard in less than a week. Yeah, you read that right! Just imagine... a week from now all of your friends and family will be marveling at the sight of your brand new personal training course!

  • Downloadable Step-by-Step Guide that walks you through exactly how to build your ninja warrior course with a ton of time-saving tips - no construction know-how needed. It's so simple that even soccer moms have done it themselves (see the comments below). You can take your time and build it in stages or knock the whole thing out over a weekend.

  • Complete Materials List that includes absolutely everything you'll need to build your ninja warrior course down to the last screw. AND that's not all, the materials list is also organized so you can simply send it over to your local HomeDepot and have them round it all up for you. Boom!

"I love these plans. The visuals are great, the explanations are thorough and the tone is encouraging for a beginner. I'm not a woodworker, so breaking down each step and explaining WHY, helps me understand the plans well."  - Myra Robinson

“I have 2 sons, 6 and 11, and they LOVE ANW. My sons would like me to be able to do the course as well, and I have to say, it inspired me to join CrossFit to get back into shape.  Aside from the blueprints, I used the video you sent out to build the quintuple steps. My level of handiness allowed me to do that. I love the stuff you guys send out.” - Lee Bowbeer

“I searched a lot online for some kind of plans to build similar obstacles and found your blueprints the best. Thanks for the great stuff you've made available!” - John White

"First of all, the blueprints were great--I love my backyard ninja course and use it every non-rainy day. My kids (5 and 3) love the course as well and play on it nearly every day." - Eric Haan


COST OF MATERIALS?  the total cost for the lumber and building materials from HomeDepot, or your local hardware store, is approximately $679. 

SPACE REQUIRED? Recommended yard space is 16 feet x 9 feet (approximately the same as a backyard play set)

CAN I MODIFY THE PLANS? You bet.  It's easy to customize your ninja warrior obstacle course based on the way we've designed the plans.  Make it smaller, bigger, or whatever fits your family best.

HOW SIMPLE IS IT TO BUILD? Pretty darn simple.  We have reports from a handful of self-described "soccer moms" that said they did it themselves and their kids just love it.

If you would like to check out the quality and detail of our plans and instructions before you buy...  Try our free Salmon Ladder blueprints.  Just click on  "Free Salmon Ladder Blueprints" in the menu at the top of our website and we'll send you a FREE set of Salmon Ladder plans.  

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