When we decided to build our own Ninja Warrior course we looked everywhere for a DIY guide with detailed instructions on how to build something that would fit in our backyard. The closest thing we found was a few youtube videos of people training on their personal obstacle courses, but these videos had no instruction on how to build our own ninja warrior course.

We decided (after tons of wasted hours spent scouring the internet)  to start building our own obstacle course from scratch, and we documented every bit of the process along the way. We took detailed notes with step by step instructions and kept a materials list of everything we bought down to the last screw.

After several months of planing, building, and hard work we finally had our dream course. But then we thought... why should we keep all this information to ourselves? Our goal is to give every Ninja Warrior fan (or anybody else looking for a fun way to workout) the ability to train for ninja warrior in their own backyard.

NinjaWarriorBlueprints.com gives you the tools to take your personal training to a whole new level.  Have a look around the site and you'll find that we provide plans for some free ninja obstacles, in addition to blueprints you can purchase for a complete ultimate backyard training course.

Feel free to Contact Us with any questions, comments or suggestions!