Two Simple Ways to Incorporate Balance Obstacles into Your Course.

The Backyard Builder Nation has been stirring up a little buzz about balance obstacles recently. A lot of folks are asking for suggestions and ideas on how to add balance components to their Ninja Warrior backyard setup. 

The problem for most backyard builders when it comes to balance obstacles is that the official Ninja Warrior obstacles are often pretty BIG and pretty COMPLEX.  ...Which translates into not that easy to build from scratch.  But that doesn't mean we can't come up with some awesome options for ninja training!

Backyard Builders have been sending in suggestions for simple substitutes that are a boat load of fun to train on and super-easy to incorporate into any DIY course.  Here's two of our favorites.  

Slackline Fun
Probably hands down the most effective balance training tool we have found is the slackline. It may not look like much, but you won't believe the workout you will get from twenty minutes on the slackline. It really strengthens the core, which is actually the main muscle worked while balancing.   And that core and balance training translate directly into any other lower-body obstacles.

We've got our slackline set up right next to our backyard Ninja Warrior course, which is nice because if you start to fall you always have something over your head to grab onto. It's also fun to train for transferring between the slack line and jumping over to the hanging grasps.  The slackline is super-springie, like a mini-tramp.

The slackline we purchased is the Gibbon 2-Inch Funline X13 Slackline Kit. Really any slackline will do. The two inch slackline is the way to go. It's gives a little bit more surface area for beginners.  Slacklines go for around $50 and up depending on length.  You can easily order them online or find them locally at outdoors outfitters that offer camping and hiking gear like Mountain High. 

Google some youtube videos for slacklining and you'll find a ton of getting started tips and some really amazing tricks to inspire your inner ninja.

Exercise Ball Alley
Here's another balance obstacle you can build yourself with some exercise balls and some hay bails.  We came across this awesome idea by way of Tonia Kiesel.  

Run down to your local Target, Walmart, Academy Sports, or just hit, and get some Exercise Balls (sometimes called Stability Balls or Core Balls).  These run about $10 to $20.  Then drop by HomeDepot or your local lawn and garden place and pick up some blocks of baled straw or hay.  About $6 per bale.  

Have a look at the picture above to spark your imagination then go get creative with how you could expand this set-up to make it meet the level of challenge you're looking for in your own backyard.  

...Think about how you could space out the bales and the balls.  Take it up another notch and think about how you could leave room for the balls to roll forward and backward between the bales.

Boom!  Two balance obstacles you can add to any Ninja Warrior Backyard Course.  

Get out their, get building and have a great weekend!
-The Ferguson Fellas

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