Build Your Own Quintuple Steps

The Quintuple Steps are an awesome add-on obstacle for your DIY backyard Ninja Warrior course!  

These plans only take about 45 minutes to build (once you have your materials) - so it makes the perfect spontaneous weekend project that's easy to finish in less than an hour.  Check out the 6-minute DIY Quintuple Steps video to get the cliff notes.

Here's what you're going to love about these DIY Quintuple Steps:

1. You can build all 5 steps with just one sheet of plywood - so you're investment is right around $60 start to finish. 

2. These quints are hinged to give you variable training angles.  We’ve seen all kinds of different quintuple step tutorials that report the steps on the show are angled anywhere from 45 degrees to 60 degrees.  So, using this design to build your own quintuple steps gives you the ability to train for all of the above. 

3. These DIY Quintuple Steps plans are designed so you end up with ultra-portable, compact steps. That way you don’t have to leave ‘em out taking up the whole back yard and you can easily move them around.  …and since you can easily move the Quintuple Steps around, you’ll be able to space them as you like in the beginning to get your training started and then keep expanding the distance to raise the challenge and grow your skills.  Last, but not least, the smaller surface area of these Quintuple Step plans also contributes to improving your precision and and overall foot placement.  Very Cool. 

 You can find the full materials list and step by step instructions right here.