Salmon Training ...without a Ladder


Hey Backyard Builders!

Want to get your salmon ladder training going this weekend ...even if you don't have your salmon ladder ready for action yet? 

Here’s a little something that everyone will be able to enjoy - whether you’ve already begun building your own ultimate set-up or you’re just in the early stages of getting started.

Hit this link to check out some super simple training tips from Chris Wilczewski over at Movement Labs and

In these videos, Chris does a fantastic job of explaining training techniques you can use with just a pull-up bar to build explosive power for rocking the salmon ladder obstacle.

Chris takes you through beginner, intermediate and advanced movements to practice such as negative pull-ups and clapping pull-ups.

We only wish we had seen these even sooner, because we can still remember the excitement of finishing work on our salmon ladder and jumping right into trying it out.  

…But after a few tries and a sore rear, we realized Ninja athletes like Ryan Stratis and Brent Steffensen knew a few things that we didn’t.  So, here's how to make progress faster.

Check out Chris’ training videos and then get busy!

Have a great weekend,
The Fellas at
(Scott, Alex & Graham Ferguson)