Globe Grasp Recipe


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SUPER SIMPLE GLOBE GRASPS This is gonna be fun - and easy. Let’s make some globe grasps!

Our globe grasp recipe only calls for three basic ingredients. We’ll use some lacrosse balls, some eyebolts and some fender washers. As far as tools go, you’ll need a drill, a 3/8” bit and a long screw driver. A vice would be nice, but not entirely necessary.

Here’s the cliff notes version… drill a hole through each lacrosse ball, running the eye-bolts through and cap ‘em off with a flat washer and nut. Then hang ‘em from somewhere that will support you. If you have a garage with exposed floor joists in the ceiling, well… there’s an option for you. Have a pull-up bar handy? Hang ‘em from there. Backyard play set? Hmmmm… lot’s of possibilities. Get creative.

This recipe makes seven grasps, but you can obviously adjust the count up or down. You’ll also probably want some rope to tie ‘em on whatever framework you choose. If you want to get fancy and take it up a notch, use the rope, plus some carabiners to make ‘em “portable” and “swapable” (see our suggestions at the end of this recipe).

OK, here’s the specifics. Use a 3/8” drill bit to drill a hole straight through the center of the ball. Be extra careful here when you’re drilling these and use some common sense about how to secure the ball when you’re drilling it.

If you happen to have a vice on a work bench, that would be a great way to secure the ball while you drill. Main point: don’t drill your hand. Be safe. Be smart.

Here’s a tip. Lacrosse balls are solid rubber, and a little tricky to drill through. We found it a bit easier to drill them after we put them in the freezer for a while. So, you may want to freeze ‘em overnight before drilling them.


Next, grab one of your eye bolts and work it through the hole in the lacrosse ball. We found that after we got it started in the hole, it was a lot easier to crank it through using a long screw driver as leverage.


This part takes a little patience, but “u kan dew eet!” Once you’ve got the eye bolt through, just cap it off with a 1-1/2 inch fender washer and the nut for the bolt. See? Super-simple.

Now it’s time to find somewhere to hang ‘em. If you decide to hang them from your floor joists, or something similar, drill a hole for each grasp using a 1/2” drill bit. Then use the 3/8” polypropylene rope (from the optional materials list) to tie each grasp in place. We used a basic knot, which seemed to work fine. If you want to get more technical and go hard-core, consult your nearest Boy Scout manual or Google some knots and take your pick.

Finish off the loose ends of rope with some electrical tape to keep them from unraveling. Boom! You’re ready to rock those hanging grasps!

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OPTIONAL Suggestions for Your Grasps: If you want to check out some different types of pro-grasps to add to your set-up, hit our accessories page at You can add some carabiners to attach the grasps and easily swap ‘em out for different training experiences on different days of the week. Very cool.

Notes on Materials...

You can get ALMOST everything you need for the recipe from HomeDepot, or any other local hardware store. If you have a HomeDepot handy, the list below even provides the item numbers for the parts to pick-up. Except… Lacrosse balls. They don’t have these at HomeDepot ; -)

Dick’s sporting goods typically caries them, and other local sports retailers in your area may have them as well. You can also easily order lacrosse balls from Amazon and other places online. If you want to get them or order them from Dick’s - here’s a link for what you want: productId=16410536&kw=16410536&sr=1&origkw=16410536

PowerBolt NCAA Lacrosse Ball sku# 16410536

You’ll probably want at least seven balls. Just depends on how many grasps you want to make. This recipe calls for seven. If you get more, just remember to add more eye bolts and washers to the list below. Go for it! 

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