Ninja Warrior Christmas? Here are some DIY gift ideas.


Merry Christmas!  Here are a few gift ideas for the ninja warrior in your family. Enjoy!

DIY Globe Grasps


Homemade globe grasps that can be hung from almost anywhere make for a great DIY gift or stocking stuffer.  

Here’s a link that shows how you can make these in about thirty minutes or less once you have the supplies on hand.  

DIY globe grasps recipe

...And you can get the supplies in just two stops - one visit to the local hardware store and one visit to the sporting goods store. (around $20 worth of materials total)



And if you're visiting the sporting goods store, consider adding a slackline to your gift lineup. Slacklines make for ninja family fun year round.  

A slackline provides awesome whole-body balancing action to increase agility and stability while working the core muscles and bringing lots of laughs along the way.  

Have a look at this link to learn more:
Slacklining for ninja training

Slacklines typically range in price from $50 to $75 and can be found at most sporting goods or outdoors outfitters type stores.

They are super easy to set-up and are portable for picnics and all kinds of other adventures when you want to bring an extra activity along.

Quintuple Steps


t’s the iconic obstacle at the beginning of nearly every ninja warrior course.  

And the good news is these are also easy to build in about 45 minutes or less with about $60 worth of materials from any hardware store. 

Have a look at this link with cliff notes and a 6-minute video on how to make the steps.

Cliff notes for quintuple steps and how-to video

The design for these steps makes them easy to stack and store while providing a variety of angles for athletic ninjas to train on as skills grow with their mobility and footwork.

The cliff notes and video should provide plenty of ideas on how to make your own. 

And if you want extra insights and even more time savings tips, quintuple steps plans with step-by-step instructions and a detailed materials list are available for purchase on

Warped Wall

Warped Wall Birthday.jpg

This one is an over the top idea that every ninja athlete dreams about.  

It’s the ultimate icon of every ninja warrior course, and overcoming this obstacle means more than just fitness and persistence.  

It brings out the inner warrior because it teaches the backyard ninja to dig deep and work hard for an accomplishment that symbolizes success and victory.

The Warped Wall is just as exciting to build as it is to watch your favorite ninja practice on.  And it can be built in a single day.  

It’s the perfect post-holiday project when you have some time on your hands and some help around the house.

Have a look at this 3-minute how-to video:

Complete plans with step-by-step instructions and materials list for building a "kid-size" AND a "king-size” Warped Wall in your very own backyard are available for just $59 on  

You can download the PDF instantly and then print the plans out for the perfect little package to put under the tree, or roll ‘em up and slip ‘em into the stocking for a surprise that they will remember for years to come. 

Backyard Ninja Practice Set


At-home ninja practice areas are rapidly replacing backyard “swing sets” for every ninja warrior who dreams of making their mark as a real competitor.

For those athletes that have made up their mind that "ninja warrior” is their new sport of choice, nothing can compare to pouring all that energy into "ninja practice” on their very own obstacle set, ready and waiting for a challenge right outside the window.  

Having a complete, compact ninja course in our own backyard is where this adventure all started for us.  

It all began with a birthday wish and wound up being something that’s brought our whole family together and continues to provide countless hours of fun all these years later.   

If you’re looking for something that will make for a picture-perfect moment to capture on Christmas morning, nothing compares to the thought of unwrapping a set of plans to build a complete ninja course right in your own backyard.

Have a look at this 60-second video to stir your imagination:

Complete plans with step-by-step instructions and materials list for building your very own ninja practice area are available on for just $79.  

The PDF provides you with an instant download that you can print out and put under the tree for a surprise they will never forget.  

Building the set is also the kind of family fun that can be finished over a long weekend.  It’s the perfect project to ring in the new year!

Here's hoping that this has sparked some ideas for your favorite ninja warrior’s wish list and will help to make holiday magic and memories that will last a lifetime.

Just remember, half the fun for the family can be found in the building.  

That’s the great thing about a DIY project. It’s the perfect opportunity to make time for making memories with someone you love.  That’s really the gift that keeps on giving.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

- The Ferguson Fellas

Globe Grasp Recipe


Welcome to the Backyard Builder Nation!

Let’s make some globe grasps! This is gonna be fun - and easy.

Our globe grasp recipe only calls for three basic ingredients. We’ll use some lacrosse balls, some eyebolts and some fender washers. As far as tools go, you’ll need a drill, a 3/8” bit and a long screw driver. A vice would be nice, but not entirely necessary.  

Lacrosse balls are made of hard rubber and will last in the weather for years.  You can find 'em at most major sporting goods retailers, like Dick's Sporting goods or Academy Sports, etc.  If have some old baseballs laying around you could substitute those if you like.

Here’s the cliff notes version… drill a hole through each lacrosse ball, running the eye-bolts through and cap ‘em off with a flat washer and nut. Then hang ‘em from somewhere that will support you.

If you have a garage with exposed floor joists in the ceiling, well… there’s an option for you. Have a pull-up bar handy? Hang ‘em from there. Backyard play set? Hmmmm… lot’s of possibilities. Get creative.

If you want to make them "portable" to take with you to the gym, or to the park, you can stop by your favorite outdoors outfitter like REI, or just hit up, and get some carabiners used for rock climbing and some nylon runners or some lengths of rope and make some loops that you can easily wrap and clip on to any sturdy structure.

This recipe makes six grasps, but you can obviously adjust the count up or down.

OK, here’s the specifics. Use a 3/8” drill bit to drill a hole straight through the center of the ball. Be extra careful here when you’re drilling these and use some common sense about how to secure the ball when you’re drilling it.

If you happen to have a vice on a work bench, that would be a great way to secure the ball while you drill. Main point: don’t drill your hand. Be safe. Be smart.

Here’s a tip. Lacrosse balls are solid rubber, and a little tricky to drill through. We found it a bit easier to drill them after we put them in the freezer for a while. So, you may want to freeze ‘em for a few hours or overnight before drilling them.


Next, grab one of your eye bolts and work it through the hole in the lacrosse ball. We found that after we got it started in the hole, it was a lot easier to crank it through using a long screw driver as leverage.


Once you’ve got the eye bolt through, just cap it off with a 1-1/2 inch fender washer and the nut for the bolt. See? Super-simple.

Now it’s time to find somewhere to hang ‘em. If you decide to hang them from your floor joists, or something similar, drill a hole for each grasp using a 1/2” drill bit. Then use the 3/8” polypropylene rope (from the optional materials list) to tie each grasp in place.

We used a basic knot, which seemed to work fine. If you want to get more technical and go hard-core, consult your nearest Boy Scout manual or Google some knot tying tips and take your pick.

Finish off the loose ends of rope with some electrical tape to keep them from unraveling. Boom! You’re ready to rock those globe grasps!

…And, hey, if you feel like sharing the love, take a second to email us your mug shots or just post ‘em to our facebook timeline ( ) so we can see how your set-up is coming along. We love to see what the Backyard Builder Nation is coming up with and all the creative ideas that show up in the process!

Notes on Materials...

You can get ALMOST everything you need for the recipe from HomeDepot, or any other local hardware store. If you have a HomeDepot handy, the list below even provides the item numbers for the parts to pick-up. Except… Lacrosse balls. They don’t have these at HomeDepot ; -)

Dick’s sporting goods typically caries lacrosse balls, and other local sports retailers in your area may have them as well.

You can also easily order lacrosse balls from Amazon and other places online. If you want to get them or order them from Dick’s - here’s a link:

DICK'S Sporting Goods 6 Pack Lacrosse Balls

You’ll probably want at least six balls. Just depends on how many grasps you want to make. This recipe calls for six. If you get more, just remember to add more eye bolts and washers to the list below. Go for it! 

Question and  Favor?

Question - what did you think of this recipe?  Email us and let us know.  Send some pics or any suggestions you come up with along the way.  

Favor - If you find our plans valuable, whether it’s one single idea and a time-saving tip, or whether the whole thing completely blows your mind with unimaginable awesomeness…

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Just tell some friends on your favorite social media app to check out our website at

Or like our Facebook page, or do whatever feels natural to help us get the word out.

Thanks for helping us spread the word, because we’d like to keep rolling out our free stuff and our paid plans, along with even more backyard designs and new add-on obstacles as often as we can - which really depends on you telling friends to check out

Here's a look at how physics plays a major role in making it to the buzzer for American Ninja Warriors

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We're no physics majors but we still enjoyed this article!


It's no secret that you must be extremely fit for American Ninja Warrior. But is it possible for anyone to hit the buzzer using science and math? 

This Wired article explains why some obstacles like the pipe slider and the warped wall take out so many competitors.

Can't get enough ANW?  Here's an awesome audio source for ninja news.


A lot of people have been asking us where they can get more ninja news. The Armchair Ninja Podcast is a weekly podcast of interviews with the competitors from ANW, insights about the obstacles, and recaps for each TV episode.

We definitely recommend checking this podcast out!

Jessie Graff shares her tips on how she trains, offers insights about some of the other competitors, and proves that she is just as awesome as she seems on TV.

Video of the Week:
Usher Takes On American Ninja Warrior!

You know he can move on stage, but wait until you see how he can move on this obstacle course! Check it out

Backyard Builder of the Week:
Go Headquarters

The guys at Go Headquarters used our original course plans as inspiration to build this monster obstacle racing course. Its built battle frog obstacle course style with a ninja warrior twist. You can check out the course plans they used here at Ninja Warrior Blueprints.

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Backyard Builder Pics & New Obstacles

Backyard Builders are getting busy!

Folks have been posting some in-progress pics to the facebook page and sending them in via email, so we thought we'd share a few set-ups this Saturday to inspire your inner Ninja Warrior builder.  Check these awesome Ninja Warrior set-ups out!

We love seeing these pics!  Keep 'em coming!  

We've also been cooking up some new obstacles for the Backyard Builder Nation.  Warped Wall (full-size and kid-size), Unstable Bridge, Hanging Boards and more... are all coming soon.  So stay tuned for new plans on the way!

Two Simple Ways to Incorporate Balance Obstacles into Your Course.

The Backyard Builder Nation has been stirring up a little buzz about balance obstacles recently. A lot of folks are asking for suggestions and ideas on how to add balance components to their Ninja Warrior backyard setup. 

The problem for most backyard builders when it comes to balance obstacles is that the official Ninja Warrior obstacles are often pretty BIG and pretty COMPLEX.  ...Which translates into not that easy to build from scratch.  But that doesn't mean we can't come up with some awesome options for ninja training!

Backyard Builders have been sending in suggestions for simple substitutes that are a boat load of fun to train on and super-easy to incorporate into any DIY course.  Here's two of our favorites.  

Slackline Fun
Probably hands down the most effective balance training tool we have found is the slackline. It may not look like much, but you won't believe the workout you will get from twenty minutes on the slackline. It really strengthens the core, which is actually the main muscle worked while balancing.   And that core and balance training translate directly into any other lower-body obstacles.

We've got our slackline set up right next to our backyard Ninja Warrior course, which is nice because if you start to fall you always have something over your head to grab onto. It's also fun to train for transferring between the slack line and jumping over to the hanging grasps.  The slackline is super-springie, like a mini-tramp.

The slackline we purchased is the Gibbon 2-Inch Funline X13 Slackline Kit. Really any slackline will do. The two inch slackline is the way to go. It's gives a little bit more surface area for beginners.  Slacklines go for around $50 and up depending on length.  You can easily order them online or find them locally at outdoors outfitters that offer camping and hiking gear like Mountain High. 

Google some youtube videos for slacklining and you'll find a ton of getting started tips and some really amazing tricks to inspire your inner ninja.

Exercise Ball Alley
Here's another balance obstacle you can build yourself with some exercise balls and some hay bails.  We came across this awesome idea by way of Tonia Kiesel.  

Run down to your local Target, Walmart, Academy Sports, or just hit, and get some Exercise Balls (sometimes called Stability Balls or Core Balls).  These run about $10 to $20.  Then drop by HomeDepot or your local lawn and garden place and pick up some blocks of baled straw or hay.  About $6 per bale.  

Have a look at the picture above to spark your imagination then go get creative with how you could expand this set-up to make it meet the level of challenge you're looking for in your own backyard.  

...Think about how you could space out the bales and the balls.  Take it up another notch and think about how you could leave room for the balls to roll forward and backward between the bales.

Boom!  Two balance obstacles you can add to any Ninja Warrior Backyard Course.  

Get out their, get building and have a great weekend!
-The Ferguson Fellas

P.S. If you like these ideas, please share them with your friends on Facebook!  Give us a like and a share at:

Build Your Own Quintuple Steps

The Quintuple Steps are an awesome add-on obstacle for your DIY backyard Ninja Warrior course!  

These plans only take about 45 minutes to build (once you have your materials) - so it makes the perfect spontaneous weekend project that's easy to finish in less than an hour.  Check out the 6-minute DIY Quintuple Steps video to get the cliff notes.

Here's what you're going to love about these DIY Quintuple Steps:

1. You can build all 5 steps with just one sheet of plywood - so you're investment is right around $60 start to finish. 

2. These quints are hinged to give you variable training angles.  We’ve seen all kinds of different quintuple step tutorials that report the steps on the show are angled anywhere from 45 degrees to 60 degrees.  So, using this design to build your own quintuple steps gives you the ability to train for all of the above. 

3. These DIY Quintuple Steps plans are designed so you end up with ultra-portable, compact steps. That way you don’t have to leave ‘em out taking up the whole back yard and you can easily move them around.  …and since you can easily move the Quintuple Steps around, you’ll be able to space them as you like in the beginning to get your training started and then keep expanding the distance to raise the challenge and grow your skills.  Last, but not least, the smaller surface area of these Quintuple Step plans also contributes to improving your precision and and overall foot placement.  Very Cool. 

 You can find the full materials list and step by step instructions right here.

Salmon Training ...without a Ladder


Hey Backyard Builders!

Want to get your salmon ladder training going this weekend ...even if you don't have your salmon ladder ready for action yet? 

Here’s a little something that everyone will be able to enjoy - whether you’ve already begun building your own ultimate set-up or you’re just in the early stages of getting started.

Hit this link to check out some super simple training tips from Chris Wilczewski over at Movement Labs and

In these videos, Chris does a fantastic job of explaining training techniques you can use with just a pull-up bar to build explosive power for rocking the salmon ladder obstacle.

Chris takes you through beginner, intermediate and advanced movements to practice such as negative pull-ups and clapping pull-ups.

We only wish we had seen these even sooner, because we can still remember the excitement of finishing work on our salmon ladder and jumping right into trying it out.  

…But after a few tries and a sore rear, we realized Ninja athletes like Ryan Stratis and Brent Steffensen knew a few things that we didn’t.  So, here's how to make progress faster.

Check out Chris’ training videos and then get busy!

Have a great weekend,
The Fellas at
(Scott, Alex & Graham Ferguson)