Ever wondered how to build a backyard ninja warrior obstacle course but never been able to find any real DIY plans or tips? 

Yeah, that was us too.

So we got busy and dreamed up what we really wanted to build for ourselves. Then we decided to document every detail along the way to help other Ninja Warrior fans who want to build their ninja warrior course too.

These aren't commercial-climbing-gym style plans designed for a huge warehouse and a huge budget.  Nope.  This is the opposite.  Something that anyone who wants to train at home can use to build in their own backyard with the most ninja warrior obstacles in the smallest footprint for the least amount of money.

Have a  look around and help yourself to the free stuff you'll find here.  If you like the free salmon ladder plans as much as we think you will, consider purchasing our expanded ninja warrior obstacle course blue prints to add on to your set-up and build out your very own ninja warrior training course.  

...And keep checking back in, because we've got a bunch of additional obstacles we'll be releasing as we continue working on the website.


The Original Blueprints

The goal of our original design was to pack as many obstacles as we could into the smallest amount of space possible. The compact design fits into almost any backyard with its 8x16 foot frame and contains 10 classic obstacles including: the cliff hanger, peg board, rumbling dice, globe grasp, devil steps, pipe grasp, tarzan ropes, cargo net, pipe slider, and of course the infamous salmon ladder. 

Backyard Blueprints for your own training course

Behind the Blueprints

When we decided to build our own Ninja Warrior course we looked everywhere for a DIY guide with detailed instructions on how to build a quality practice course in our backyard. The closest thing we found was a few youtube videos of people training on their personal courses, but these videos had no instruction on how to build our own. We decided (after tons of wasted hours spent scouring the internet) ...

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